We are renovating!

Post date: Mar 7, 2015 12:26:41 AM

The NIHRAC Club facility in the NIH campus will undergo renovation work during the next few months. The NIH Office of Research Facilities is designing the new Club space and plans to start the demolition and rebuilding process in the following weeks. The new office space will be located on the same floor and building as will be around the same size, but probably will be shifted to another location on the floor. The new facility will enjoy modern construction materials, improved power, A/C and lighting, and a number of other improvements. We are in the process of moving the Club's belongings to an adjacent office space, which will serve as storage area and temporary radio operating location. We expect to remain in that temporary space for around four months. We need volunteers to help classify, pack and transport materials. More information about this process will be shared via our membership email list and our website.

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