Temporary Club Accommodations

Post date: Jun 5, 2015 2:51:54 PM

Our Club facility, also known as the NIH Volunteer Emergency Communications Facility, has been relocated temporarily from its original location in room 308 of NIH Building 11 to room 305 across the hall. We will remain in this room during the summer, while the NIH Office of Research Facilities completes a renovation of the building floor. Our monthly meetings will be conducted in this room during this time.  We have setup a few radio stations and we will hold our meeting in this room during this time. The process to get in the room during meetings remains essentially the same, except that we don't have access to a telephone line in the room yet and therefore our main line of communications is our 2m repeater (see info elsewhere on our website) and our conference line, which is normally activated a few minutes after our meeting time. You can also send email to our info@nihrac.org email address, as some club officers can see emails sent to this account via their personal mobile commercial digital radios (a.k.a., cellular phones).

QSL cards at old NIHRAC