RTTY Contest

Post date: Mar 11, 2016 12:19:54 AM

Club members during NAQP RTTY contest
NIHRAC and RARC members during NAQP RTTY contest
NAQP RTTY contest Winter 2016

As part of our communications readiness activities, Club members, in collaboration with the Randallstown Radio Club, participated on the North America RTTY QSO Party contest on Saturday, February 28. This contest required stations to make as many contacts as possible during 12 hour period using RTTY, an old, but still quite capable digital mode that is widely used for contesting. For this purpose, the new radio rig at NIHRAC was configured for RTTY operation, and required using a laptop computer for logging and rig control (with the N1MM+ and  MMTTY software). The goal was to configure the Club's new ICOM rig for digital operating, practice using digital modes, and have fun on the process. The group participated for about 6 hours only, but made over 60 contacts nationally and internationally (DX). Radio operators included KN3U, N2AW, W3CID, W3MIT, W4TG, and WA3LTJ. We also have a visit from a non-ham radio enthusiast, Jung Ho, an NIH postdoc resident.