Quinton N. Marsh, N3KGM - SK

Post date: Jun 5, 2015 2:32:34 PM

The NIH Radio Amateur Club received a posthumous donation of amateur radio equipment and tools from the estate of Quinton N. Marsh, N3KGM. Quinton passed away in December, 2014 at the age of 99 years old.Quinton was a Navy veteran who served during World War II, held an Extra Class FCC Amateur Radio License, and served as a Volunteer Examiner in support of new generations of hams. He was an active NIHRAC member until a few years ago, frequently helped the Club as a volunteer communicator during emergency exercises that involved the NIH Clinical Center, and was an active participant in numerous Monday night nets in our repeaters. Despite the confines of living in an apartment house in the last few years, he was active on 75-meter SSB.

The NIHRAC Club members wish to express our appreciation to Quinton and his family for this generous donation, which will supplement our resources for emergency preparedness and the joy of the hobby. We celebrate Quinton's life as a person of service and integrity, a respected fellow ham and a friend.