Post date: Dec 14, 2017 12:38:39 AM

As in several years past, many of our NIHRAC members joined the Randallstown Amateur Radio Club during the ARRL Field Day in June at the Washington Monument State Park in Middletown, Maryland--atop the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. Our very own Jim K3MRI made an outstanding documentary video about the event. Click here to access the video. Our score was once again remarkable: 9th place in the 3A category nationwide, 2nd place in the Atlantic Division 3AQ Category, and 44th out of 2965 radio stations competing (top 1.48% nationwide!). This was the first year the group has participated in the 3A category (portable stations operating on emergency power only, with up to three radio transceivers transmitting simultaneously, plus one Get On the Air [GOTA] station for new hams or demonstrations for non-hams and one VHF station. See the full FD rules at: previous years we have been 2A. As you can see in Jim's documentary, we had a lot of fun, we could practice our emergency communications skills, and tested our equipment and deployment abilities. Many thanks to our RARC friends, and thanks to Jim for the amazing video production!