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Our renovated facility

posted Aug 2, 2019, 12:02 PM by Victor Cid   [ updated Oct 15, 2019, 11:26 AM by Victor Cid ]
NIHRAC radio operating room
The bulk of the NIH-sponsored renovation of our club facility is completed. We have new radio operating stations that support all amateur radio bands and modes of operation. The facility is now ready for all club activities. However, as a side effect of the larger renovation work in the building, we lost access to a meeting room next to our club space, but our room can comfortably accommodate meetings of up to about 8 people and we have access to a larger room in another floor for larger gatherings. 

Our main operating station has an IC-7600 radio and computer rig able to operate in analog and digital modes,a s well as a Winlink station. The room also has VHF and UHF stations and an Echolink server. For DIY projects, the room has an assortment of electronic testing and development tools (oscilloscopes, signal generators, etc.), work tools and supplies. We also recently received an assortment of other equipment and materials and parts that can be used for radio and other electronics experimentation.

Among our pending tasks (we will never not have pending tasks :-), are the construction of a multiband, motorized SteppIR antenna, antenna tower repairs, rotor repairs, and room shelving. We are looking for donations of wall shelving materials an a workbench to improve our repair and DIY area. If you have any of these, please contact the club at