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 Welcome to NIHRAC   

The National Institutes of Health Radio Amateur Club
 [HQ @ Bethesda, Maryland, USA]

 -- 57 years of ham radio and public service! --

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in amateur radio as a hobby or community service activity, or in related DIY electronics projects.


Due the COVID-19 emergency, physical access to the NIHRAC's facility may have certain limitations. Before a meeting, we will use our email list to announce whether in-person meeting on the NIH campus is possible. Our Echolink server and 2m K3YGG repeater continue to be openly available, but these resources can be temporarily sequestered if we are called to provide emergency communications support to NIH or our community. For any inquiries, contact us at info@nihrac.org or via our regular nihrac-l@list.nih.gov email list (registration is required to post to this list).

Assembling a rotator connector
Hexbeam antenna repairs - July 2019

(pictures from October 2019 club activities)


The Club meets the first Saturday of every month at 1:30pm. During the COVID-19 emergency, meetings are often held online (video is not required but encouraged). The link to join a meeting is communicated via our email forum (see our Membership page for details) before a scheduled meeting. When allowed by the County and NIH COVID-19 emergency status, we meet at Building 11, Room 305 in the NIH Bethesda campus - see About Us for directions. We welcome anyone to join our meetings-- club membership or a ham license are not required. 

We also hold a weekly on-the-air "net" every Monday at 9:00 p.m. on our 2 meter repeater We welcome check-ins from all stations over RF or through the Internet via EchoLink (our server is K3YGG-R). Contact us at info@nihrac.org if you need assistance attending.



Anyone interested in, or curious about, amateur radio, telecommunications, emergency communications services, or related technical or public service activities can join us. Participation in our emergency communications activities, a FCC Amateur Radio license or holding a NIH badge ID are NOT required for membership. Membership is free. For more details, visit our Membership page.

NIHRAC Radio Stations (October 2019)
NIHRAC makes a number of resources freely available to its members. Our facility has radio stations and antenna systems for a variety of analog and digital radio communications modalities, office space for meetings and other hobby activities, as well as tools and equipment for radio experimentation and other DIY projects. Visit our Club Resources page for more details.

 We maintain a repeater in the 2-meter band that is openly available to anyone with a radio amateur license. We also make regular use of a local 70-cm repeater. Our 2-meter repeater frequencies are 144.69 MHz input / 145.29 MHz output. No PL tone is currently required for access. For more details, please visit our Repeaters page.  

 Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:

(Full report at n3kl.org)